JESSICA LOWNDES & TAYE DIGGS Are Making Moves In A Slaughterhouse Horror!

by INN THE BASEMENT on November 5, 2014

I’m a thriller kind of lady, therefore, whenever I see the word ABATTOIR, I think slaughterhouse because that’s exactly what it is. It’s also a movie that is being filmed right now in which our man from THE BEST MAN movie series, Taye to the Diggs has a role as well, next to Jessica Lowndes and Lin Shaye of Insidious Chapter 3.  I’ve never quite heard of a plot such as the one in ABATTOIR, and this is why I’m drawn to it.  (Yeah, I love the parts unknown type of feel to any movie.)

So, ABATTOIR is about this place that is made from the remains of the deceased.  Pretty gross indeed, however, there are ancient books that are made from the flesh of us beings, so depending on they way you squirm, it may be just your cup of tea to lean on a wall made from a bag of bones.  Not my type of squirm.  Anyway, this place is supposedly haunted and there’s an investigator who is checking things out.  I believe the investigator is being played by the actor Jessica Lowndes, and as far as Taye Diggs, me no no what role he has, but we hope it’s good.  I would love to see him in this type of flick…as long as he doesn’t die.  Crap happens all the time though, right?

I don’t know if this movie has all the gore and guts as Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Freddy, I mean, Nightmare on Elm Street, or if it leans more toward scary as heck without the knife plunges (which really aren’t all that necessary in order to give that look-over-your-shoulder-uneasy feeling.)  When more information comes available, I hope I don’t forget to update because I want to share more about with you.  One thing I can say is that the director of this flick directed the SAW movies – Darren Lynn Bousman.  From that, we can say that the movie’s direction should be in good hands.




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