Jennifer Lopez Is Sleeping With THE BOY NEXT DOOR…Until…

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 27, 2014

It’s been a very long time since I’ve kept up with the happenings of the multi-talented Jennifer Lopez, however, this 2015 movie release titled THE BOY NEXT DOOR did peek my interest.

In this upcoming flick, Jennifer Lopez ends up in the bed with an underage boy named Noah…the not so innocent. Turns out, Jennifer Lopez who is playing the character of a woman named Claire has a cheating dog of a husband, yet she stays. This brings the natural torment until Noah puts the torment to an end – momentarily. Then of course, he becomes the lunatic that she hates to live around.

So did you just hear what Noah said? “I love your mother’s cookies.” Smack down. Look…the bottom line is that little lonesome Claire is now trapped. She can’t call the authorities because she did something illegal which will land her in the worst hole in prison, leaving her cheating husband to the secretaries abroad and her son home alone. So, what would a woman stuck in the middle of this madness do? File for divorce based on the husband’s infidelities, take her son and request a massive amount of child support, and move…far, far away…because the teen with no green can’t follow without a ton of cash. As soon as he graduates and comes looking…smoke him.

That would be the end of a chilling lust story…in real life. No one has to know. Win.  Let’s all hope the “boy” is at least 18 at the start of the relationship, so then all she stands to lose is a nice job.  Her married life is already ruined.

This movie is a great one it seems, so I’m all in.


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