HALLE BERRY Fights To Get Her Child Back In 2015’s KIDNAP

by INN THE BASEMENT on October 17, 2014

These days, actress Halle Berry can be in the news for a number of reasons. This time, let’s talk about Halle starring in an upcoming flick called KIDNAP where her son is to be snatched by someone, and she goes on the fight of her life to get her son back (like any mother would).

So far, there aren’t many more details, but if you have watched movies such as Taken, I definitely hope that it’s an attention grabber and keeper like that one in its own unique way. The last movie I saw starring Halle was THE CALL, and I loved it all they way up to the bitter end. It was in my own opinion that the movie could have and possibly should have stopped maybe five minutes before that, but I won’t spoil the movie for those who haven’t watched such a kick butt film. It was one of her best movies in my opinion honestly.

It looks like Halle Berry is executive producer of KIDNAP as well, and she generally does well in roles like this. On top of that, since Halle is that mother she’s always wanted to be, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that she will put her foot in this role being that it surrounds the love a mother has for her child. We moms will go ham for our kids.

My only hope for this film is that it isn’t Lifetime-y. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lifetime dramas, but I want as much thrill out of this thriller as I can get. Look for KIDNAP on October 9th of 2015 because it’s just getting started. Hopefully, we get some great trailers soon.


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