Gugu Mbatha-Raw & Nate Parker Talk BEYOND THE LIGHTS And More Plus Premiere Takes!

by INN THE BASEMENT on November 13, 2014

Gugu Mbatha-Raw of BEYOND THE LIGHTS which opens in theaters on November 14th aka tomorrow, talks what she had to do in preparation for her starring role as Noni in the film. The choreography and whole make of a sexy superstar she’d started training for about six months in advance of filming the part, and she did this with the famed Laurie Ann Gibson. If the name Laurie Ann strikes a chord in your mind, well you may think back to when Diddy had a reality show. She was the choreographer that bounced and left him hanging dry. No loss on her part.

Also, Nate Parker, Noni’s love interest in the movie, talks Gugu’s extreme work ethic to want to be able to perform all her own and no body doubles. This led to an easier and more exciting time while making the movie with one another. In other words, all this put together – THIS IS A MUST SEE MOVIE. It’s always great seeing talent come together “effortlessly” on camera, and this is what it seems these two actors did.

Anyway, enough of me…listen up, and after that, the premiere… She looked great! By the way, I do believe this is Gugu’s first starring role so big applause to her!



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