by INN THE BASEMENT on December 13, 2014

I just ran into a movie that stars a long list of beautiful and talented women, and the name of this movie that hits in 2016 is SUPERMODEL. Everyone who is everyone will star in this flick, so it better be ace.

Golden Brooks, whom I haven’t seen in a movie in a great minute or three, Tatyana Ali, Angela Simmons, Melissa De Sousa of THE BEST MAN movie series, and even the handsome wrapped in chocolate Tyson Beckford. Fat Joe is even getting some camera action why don’t we for the light skinned? (Applause) Oh and we all remember the beautiful model that we all peeped on American’s Next Top one right? I am writing about Toccara Jones. She is in the flick as well.

So enough is enough of the name dropping. We all have to see how the flick comes together because what is a name if the movie stinks? (Erase it) (Hide your head like you hide your kids)

The summary of this flick is stunna however, so it would take much hard work and sacrifice to mess this one up. Here it is what the word is about the film.  There is this girl who lives on the rough side of the tracks out of Brooklyn who ends up breaking into the modeling industry, but she soon finds out that all that dazzles and dares to step on the runway or in front of the cameras isn’t all that glitzy and glamorous after all.  It’s hard out here for a model chick, and there must be a price to pay for everything.

Let’s just say, I want to see how this SUPERMODEL turns out in the end of the movie.  There is so much that they could do with this plot it’s ridiculously crazy.  Therefore, hopefully, they win and make people want to watch.  I’m definitely curious, aren’t you?


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