Fast And Furious 6 And 7 Simultaneously In The Making!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 21, 2011

We already found out about the sixth Fast and Furious, but it’s Vin Diesel who has confirmed that the 6th will be split into two movies which makes for Fast and Furious 7!

This is terrific news as the writing of both films are being done at the same exact time. As far as the actors are concerned, I expect all the familiar, but hoping for a cut of at least one, but I won’t name names. Fast Five brought in huge numbers globally, so if Fast and Furious 6 doesn’t make for the space, why not go all out? So far, the flicks haven’t been a waste of money yet, and it looks like the actors will be game based off of Ludacris’ hype.

So here we go…


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