Cuba Gooding Jr. To Play The Infamous O.J. Simpson In American Crime Story

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 10, 2014

This was a case that struck everyone in America, and the case I’m writing about is the OJ Simpson case when Nicole Simpson and her man were brutally killed by someone who barged inside her home and went slashing.  After the news hit that OJ Simpson’s ex wife,  Nicole, and her man at the time named Ronald Goldman were murdered back in 1994, the news cut to a high speed chase.  The person wanted at the time as the prime suspect of the murders, OJ Simpson, was in the getaway vehicle.

Needless to say, OJ Simpson was found not guilty when the glove the murderer wore didn’t fit his hand.  There was a huge uproar that the pro football player wasn’t convicted in criminal court, but there was that reasonable doubt for many that reigned.  On to the reason for the post because this definitely wasn’t supposed to be a history lesson for the youngsters who missed it.

Word is that actor Cuba Gooding Jr. is to play OJ Simpson in the upcoming American Crime Story: the People vs. OJ Simpson, the first installment.  What a great choice of actor, and I do believe that Cuba is going to do this role much justice…or injustice…depending on what side of the truth you land on.  I’m interested in watching although I don’t want to relive that long drawn out drama of the past.  This is sure to drag up memories and debate once again between those who believe OJ is innocent and those who believe he is guilty.  As for me, I’m staying out of it.  God knows best.  My thoughts will remain in my head.

Aside from this smaller television role, look out for what I’m sure is going to be a super role in the mini drama – THE BOOK OF NEGROES – starring Cuba as well.  Just click the link to read more about it.



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