Cuba Gooding Jr., Evan Ross And Christian Serratos Team Up For Upcoming Movie BROKEN DOLL

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 4, 2014

Cuba Gooding Jr. is set to star in an upcoming movie titled BROKEN DOLL  with Hunger Games‘ Evan Ross as well as Christian Serratos of The Twilight Sagas and The Walking Dead and 96 Minutes where she also starred with Evan Ross.

This trio, along with the rest of the great cast, will take on a brand new exciting thriller slash drama with a fairly mangled romance about a grown man, who happens to be a cop, ending up in an affair with his daughter’s friend all while this friend is trying to be the first girl to graduate high school in her family who is of Mexican descent. Although the girl is in high school, she is branded legal by her new found age of eighteen.  As the story goes, there will be so much drama from sex, gun, gangs, drugs…that it will definitely be a movie to keep us into it throughout.  With all this going on, I can’t remotely guess how the movie will end as it could go redemptive, catastrophic, or more, therefore, with the unpredictability that I have right now, it’s on my list of WATCHERS.

While I am on BROKEN DOLL, I send a congrats to Evan Ross on his marriage to Ashlee Simpson which really JUST happened at the end of last month, the 31st of August to be exact, at Diana Ross’ estate in Connecticut.  May God have already prepared an awesome road for them together as one.


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