Antoine Fuqua’s THE EQUALIZER Reigns At The Box Office & Denzel Washington Masters His Role

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 27, 2014

Antoine Fuqua brings a monster to the box office, THE EQUALIZER, and Denzel Washington has mastered yet another role about a man on a mission of saving a young lady from gangsters in the midst of him trying to cover up his own secret past life. Sounds interesting, right? The box office sure says so as it is raking in plenty millions, OVER 30 million so far and rising.

THE EQUALIZER reviews are top notch, and if you took a look at the entire extended preview up top, you know why. Denzel Washington has a true gift for making characters come to life right out of him, and in this movie, he seems like a good guy with great intentions with gory ends…for others around him. Good for the girl, huh?

Find the times near you and go put it down for THE EQUALIZER. I’m a Fuqua and Washington fan, so this movie is a gimme. I didn’t even need a trailer because it was already on my list of TO DO’s.


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