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Lil Wayne Releasing ‘Devil’ Love Songs Album Titled Devol!

by INN THE BASEMENT on April 12, 2012

Look for love coming from rap artist Lil Wayne in his next album that he has titled Devol.  According to an MTV report, Lil Wayne will release Devol in the upcoming months, and the album will be nothing but love songs!  Stop right there - his version of love songs.

Lil Wayne is known for stunning people with his various moods on twitter and even music.  The words that come out of Lil Wayne’s mouth can be harsh at times and then really calm and cool, thus, fans never know what they will get all of the time.  In the case of album Devol, think Devil, because this is how the album title is pronounced.  How you get love out of loved spelled backwards and then pronouncing it like Satan beats me, but this is what Lil Wayne is doing.  Basically, these love songs won’t say I love you, boo!  Instead, expect irony.

While Lil Wayne was locked up on Rikers Island, he had the chance to write these not so love songs that will become a part of the album.  Being that these tracks were written while on lock down, it’s obvious that they wouldn’t be about holding and cuddling up with a woman or falling in love with one.

Devol’s first single is going to be eerily interesting.  At least it will give people a feel for what angle Lil Wayne is going with this one, and hopefully, he doesn’t fall in the fire next to Devol on Satan’s pitchfork!  What a HOT MESS that would be.

I’m not going to lie…this album goes no where near my iPod.  All that backwards words and pronouncing it like DEVIL…how does this sound?  Can you imagine going around saying hey, did you hear devil last night or listen to devil, it’s hot!  No, boo boo.  Does not sound like something Jesus would do.


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