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Tami Roman CHIMES IN On Kesha Nichols, Jennifer Williams And BBWives Show Editors For Making Her Look Like ANGRY BLACK WOMAN!

by INN THE BASEMENT on March 20, 2012

Tami Roman has a blog full to say about what went down at Shaunie’s party during Basketball Wives 4 episode 5, and she goes in on Jennifer Williams for what she takes as a “fake” apology aka lie along with going in on Kesha and BBWives reality show editors for making her look like the angry black woman while Kesha looks like the victimized black woman!

The statements below come from Tami Roman’s blog, and this isn’t the full thing below at all!  Go to Tami’s blog to check out the breakdown, but for now read how Kesha said that she would have gone off of Tami but she didn’t want to embarrass her.  WHAT?  Why did they edit that out??  That’s meat and potatoes right there!

In the moment, your apology seemed sincere, but watching it back…girl, why you lie in my face. When we had that discussion, you had already made the comment “Anybody who’s important, is here.” We don’t have to play games and be fake with each other. Truthfully, you have your core set of friends and so do I, so if you didn’t want me at your launch, that’s your prerogative. Your beef with Evelyn was just that, YOUR BEEF, but you decided to lump us all together. I have always been supportive of you and what you are doing with Lucid.

Royce and Kesha

That little meeting in the country store – again the main crux of my beef with Kesha was edited out. In that moment Kesha said she would’ve went off on me, but she didn’t want to embarrass me. I see where this show is going and I have to take the good with the bad. Kesha will be the “edited” version of a victim and I will be made to look like the angry Black woman or the bully.

PS- Shed and the editors, whatever Kesha is paying you, I’ll double it just so the viewers can get the truth. I can’t wait to see how you screw me over with the Tahiti footage.

Hmmm…looks like someone needs to keep their cell phone on in every scene during the taping of the show ON RECORD so they can replay the unedited conversations for us!!


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