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Meet The Women Of Shahs Of Sunset Reality Show – Fashionista, Hot At The MIC And HOUSING Cash!

by INN THE BASEMENT on March 6, 2012

Shahs of Sunset reality show is about to be in full force on March 11th on Bravo, so forget all the misconceptions about Persians because now we are going to get the real deal on what’s going down! After the jump, meet the women of Shahs of Sunset reality show – Golnesa Gharachedaghi aka. “GG”, Mercedes Javid known as MJ and Asa Soltan Rahmati!

It looks like we have the fashionista and world traveler in GG, and in the clip below, GG goes on to explain that she wants all the stereotypes knocked when it comes to Persians, that they aren’t all rich, plotters or running all the oil whatever the case may be. Dig this though, GG says all aren’t rich. Well, uh…GG sure has some money, honey! WERK!

Next up is Asa who is the independent musician who is dropping an EP. Asa was hesitant about becoming a reality star because her whole idea is to remain who she is and very unique. The most important reason for Asa doing the Shahs of Sunset is to again, show the many sides of Persians as every individual is different for those who didn’t already know that aka the stereotypical thinkers.

Meet MJ, last but not least who has a huge career in real estate, and MJ’s whole thing is about embracing both the traditional and the modern Persian values, wrapping them all in one. Check out her clip!

So now that we’ve met all the ladies of Shahs of Sunset, there must be a match up!  Off the top and knowing nothing else about her, GG will blend with the Miami crowd well.  What crowd am I talking about?  The CIRCLE!!  Basketball Wives!  Asa being more of a creator, she would dive into the Kandi Burruss of RHOA and The Kandi Factory crowd of musicians and people who are trying to do something unique and different.

MJ…well she would partner up with Phaedra and Sheree of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Why?  Phaedra is the attorney who peeped over into that undone mansion that Sheree was supposed to have built.  Real estate moguls, attorneys and Sherees work great together!

This show is about to be GOOD!


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