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Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 1 Sneak Peek – Evelyn Talks Wedding, Jennifer Talks ‘Friendless’ Royce And Kesha Nichols Emerges!!

by INN THE BASEMENT on February 16, 2012

Basketball Wives’ season 4 episode 1 sneak peek is released with Evelyn Lozada planning her Florida bridesmaids-less wedding, Jennifer Williams and Suzie Ketcham dirt talk about Royce Reed while Royce on the other hand keeps it positive and mature with newbie Kesha Nichols who is also a dancer.  On into the BBWives 4 premiere sneak peek, Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada end up going at it in a bad way!

This is getting ready to be a great season, and so far, Kesha Nichols seems down to earth and very nice. Let’s hope it stays that way!  Meanwhile, Royce Reed is obviously holding her own as Suzie, though she denies it, seemed to cast slight shade on Royce since the circle has wrapped around her like a hoola hoop.  We will see if it was all a big misunderstanding, or if there is a little flip going on.

Either way it goes, the set up for disaster has begun!  SMH…but I love reality shows (especially this one)!


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