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Tamar Braxton On Kardashians – ‘At The Top Of My Prayer List’; Also Talks New Album And Current Success!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 29, 2011

Tamar Braxton gets her very own reality show with Vince starting in 2012, but she also weighs in on the competition between her sisters when it comes to singing and even goes in on The Kardashians saying that they are “at the top of her prayer list”… and that’s only because she loves them, of course!

Okay, so Toni Braxton has had the most success of all the Braxton sisters when it comes to singing and entertainment.  Thus, when Rob Shuter asked Tamar Braxton about jealousy over Toni Braxton’s fame and fortune, Tamar calmed it down a bit and explained why there was really no envy due to age difference.

“Not really because Toni and I are eleven years apart, so I looked at it as she did it, so it’s not impossible to do.” – Tamar Braxton to Rob Shutter

And while Rob Shuter was getting Tamar’s name all WRONG with Tamara, he also asked her about the Kardashians, and Tamar stated that she loves them but they are “at the top of her prayer list”, Kim being number one.

Moving off of other people’s family matters, Tamar Braxton is putting out that awaited album which she describes in the interview below as energetic, fun, opinionated, happy, and “it’s me”.  As far as the genre to place Tamar’s next album in, there truly isn’t one as of yet because we should all expect a nice mixture of Tamar calling it the Tamar genre instead of R&B music or Pop music.


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