Reese Witherspoon About To Share Her WISH LIST While Striking A VOGUE In 73 Questions

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 29, 2014

Other than the blessed holiday of Easter being Reese Witherspoon’s favorite and Tinkerbell being her favorite Disney character, I not only learned more about one of my favorite actresses but got to spy inside her gorgeous home. It’s another one of the pieces of luxury that makes L.A. just that much more drawing…especially with the 8.5 pound Oscar sitting on ice out by the pool.

How about I need a bit of help with my interior decor, though. Anyway, Reese is playing in an upcoming movie titled WISH LIST which sounds pretty interesting. Reese is supposedly playing a lady who made a wish by tossing a coin in a magic fountain a long while ago. Well, it finally hit the bottom of this fountain when she turned thirty-something years of age, and now, the wish is about to come true!

Sounds fantastic, right? That’s because it is. The story idea is something I’ve never heard of, therefore, I’m all in. There isn’t a release date as of yet, but be prepared because I think this one might be on the big side of awesome…just like her house.


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