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Jineara Hampton's He Loves MEAs most of my readers know, I’ve been super busy finishing my upcoming project, I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE which is due for release on November 14th. During this time, however, I became captivated by a short film I watched titled He Loves Me by Jineara Hampton.

I’m a movie lover anyway, so when I watched it, I really enjoyed the meaning of what the film relayed in an all-things-aren’t-what-they-seem kind of vibe. I’m all for a movie that leaves me wanting to know what the heck is about to happen, and this short film did just that.

The director /actor/ writer, Jineara, also agreed to interview with me about her film in which she also is the star. Therefore, check out HE LOVES ME and then after that, watch her upcoming short film that looks fierce titled COPE.

He Love Me from Jineara on Vimeo.


Mirika C/ITB: Jineara, you’ve written a short film that is so deep titled He Loves Me, and I enjoyed watching every moment. From my vantage point, there was a bunch of inner confusion going on with the main character of the film, whom you play very well.

I’m going to make this a two part question…along with revealing the idea behind this short film, will you also tell what you want the audience to grasp as they watch the first half of the film when it pertains to the main female character before he gives her the dope?

Well, in the beginning, I wanted the audience to kind of feel the range of emotions/actions that the main character was displaying … such as her being moody,vulnerable,and a little confusing as a person. Her relationship with her best friend as well as herself. When I first came with the idea to write this script, I was originally thinking about a female that was an undercover dope addict and her repetition of drug abuse behind closed doors. Also, I was thinking ” Nobody knows what others are facing as well as, who do you know really falls in love with drugs the non- cliche way!

Mirika C/ITB:  The craziest part about the film to me was how the woman just zoned out on the door right before he, the dealer, left. How hard was that to portray, and will you tell me what she was feeling and thinking at the time? It was absolutely magnificent how you did that. It looked real…psychotic even.

At the time she zoned out at the door before and a while the drug dealer was leaving, I wanted to show again the characters mind set. As far as how she may be feeling. I created her to even have had a relationship with the dealer before . Though it may slightly seem so from the kiss but her zoning out showed a range of emotions. One of sadness, vulnerable [sic], and somehow somewhere wanting some kind of comfort and escape. It was pretty display her actions simply because in the beginning it came off so easy, so very easy to act it out.

Mirika C/ITB:  The narration in the ending was a bit poetic in nature, having two sides of life and not knowing the true feelings of a person. Explain the ending in your own words.

The ending just explains it all,very self explanatory. I believed that in life we all have things we deal with and some don’t always display their feelings upfront. We really don’t know what people are dealing with on the inside. Some may feel its better to hide and complete mischief and use the excuse that only GOD can judge them of course. But I believe you cant always go by what you see in the forefront. People have their own way with dealing with pain and other things. But in some cases, some signs of help are slightly shown!


Mirika C/ITB:  Two part question: What is your background in film because I see that you have another project in the works titled Cope? Cope looks very interesting, and can you reveal any details about what this one will be about without giving too much away. I’m one for the not so obvious.

My background in film is director,writer, and producer. I always love being creative and creating stories that people may not ever considered or thought about. COPE , Cope is my second short film that again I wrote ,directed and produced. Again this is another story that you really have to sit and think about ,and also consider the many feelings we suffer as women when something goes wrong.  I’m not going to give it way. You really have to see it ! Lol !

Mirika C/ITB:  Will Cope also be a short film, more or less the same length as He Loves Me?

Yes, Cope is a short film and it will be the same length as “He Loves Me” It will be out in a few weeks . The actress Joelle Denise is a beast as well in this film . Just wait and see.


COPE by Jineara Hampton

Cope Movie Teaser from Jineara on Vimeo.

Mirika C/ITB:  What’s more difficult – directing or acting, being behind the camera or in front of it?

The hardest thing is directed and acting in your own film. Something I wont ever do again! LOL. But seriously .I would not ever do that again, simply because it was very confusing. Between getting into character and having to manage your set at the same time . I became very frustrated at one point because I was trying to get into character and was thinking about what I had to do next. It really bothered me so that was the most difficult. Everything else besides in front, behind, directing and acting is a breeze as long as I’m not in it!

Mirika C/ITB:  Thanks for checking INN THE BASEMENT with me, Mirika C, and I will keep up with your work. You’re one of the hot ones when it comes to your talent, so I will be watching closely.

Thank you so so much for taking the time out to view my film . Please be on the look out for ” Cope” coming real soon as well as my interview show “On The Scene W/ Jineara” and other films and Projects. Peace and Love!!!!!

For those who want more Jineara Hampton or want to contact this director, writer and producer, see the information she shared below.


Jineara Hampton


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