Meagan Good Confirms She’s Not Pregnant – Just Mostly Pizza, Talks Marriage To DeVon And Nerves While Shooting Anchorman 2!

by INN THE BASEMENT on August 20, 2013

12311Meagan Good, who will continue her role as Mya on Think Like A Man Too that’s due out in 2014, has come forward about rumors of her possible pregnancy. Well, check out what Meagan Good tells Hip Hollywood after the jump!  Also watch her talk her upcoming flick Anchorman: The Legend Continues.

“I am not pregnant. It’s called too much pizza, too late at night.” – Meagan Good

It looks like we still have some waiting to do if we’re looking forward to that bouncing bundle of joy from her and husband DeVon Franklin who recently did an interview with Kempire Radio.  Also at the very bottom, Meagan and her man, DeVon, talk about knowing each other in marriage, how they are continuously learning what makes the other tick, and also Meagan talks how her nerves were on edge when she took her role in the comedy Anchorman 2 – all with Studio Q.


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