So What’s The SISTER CODE Between Eva Marcille, Drew Sidora, And Amber Rose?

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 22, 2014

I’ve been hearing much chatter about this upcoming movie staring Eva Marcille, Amber Rose and Drew Sidora titled SISTER CODE while being directed by the oh so cool Corey Grant who delivered such flicks as Dysfunctional Friends with Stacey Dash and Terrell Owens and Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes.  Set to release in 2015, SISTER CODE is summed up to be three young ladies who happen to live in the same foster home with different goals.  While trying to make their dreams come true, they end up going at each other instead!

The SISTER CODE’s synopsis seems fairly decent, but we have yet to see what it’s all about until the movie actually delivers because none of the juice of the story was revealed.

As far as Amber Rose, some think this is her first time behind the camera, but they forget a couple other times…one in particular being Gang of Roses 2.  By the great way, Amber Rose has been long working on getting television show of her own, and it’s almost here.  Word is, that Nick Cannon is backing the upcoming fashion reality show.  Not only that, Amber Rose has joined the author ranks, and should be releasing a book really soon.

Speaking of the TV foster sisters… we authors all know Carl Weber.  Well, Drew Sidora of the upcoming SISTER CODE is also starring in, not one, but two of his books turned movies – THE PREACHER’S SON and THE CHOIR DIRECTOR.  Round of applause for her keeping things going after taking part in the TLC biopic as T-Boz.  (How I enjoyed that one.)

Anyway, look forward to watching SISTER CODE in hopes that it is all that we dream it should be, and really be looking out for Amber Rose’s book that is to release.  We must needs check out what surprises she has in store.




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