Lisa Raye To Star In New Movie Based Off HEART WRENCHING Book KAFFIR BOY!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 27, 2012

It was when I was in junior high school when I first read this book – KAFFIR BOY – and it was AWESOME! Now the book, written by Mark Mathabane is about to be made into a movie, and Lisa Raye is to star in this tremendous book gone film! It’s about time!

Kaffir Boy is one of the best books ever written and that I’ve ever read, however, for those who have never even heard of the book, it’s not about a woman, but a boy growing up in the slums of South Africa where it was brutally rough! The thing about it is, IT’S A TRUE STORY ABOUT THE AUTHOR as he grew up under apartheid! There are no words to explain the book because it’s just that good, and by the way, the word KAFFIR translates as the N-word in America.

According to Lisa Raye in this interview with Hip Hollywood, she starts shooting in January to play a second grade teacher. Look…if done right and true to form like the book, this movie is about to be FABULOUS!!

I seriously can’t wait.  This movie can’t be done fast enough.  This is unbelievable…took this long for someone to make a movie off this book.  Wow.


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