by INN THE BASEMENT on August 15, 2014

I’ve been away for so long…but I’m back!  There hasn’t been a post on INNTHEBASEMENT for months, but there is a logical reason for their absences.  I have been hard at work at my book releases.  I released over five books in one year alone and they can all be purchased at online outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes etc along with local bookstores.    Basically, it’s been a really busy last couple of years, and the books won’t stop.

I did have to take a much needed blogging break.  Now that it’s over, INN THE BASEMENT will be revamped, and it’s about to be on again with whatever it is that great. Don’t look for any older posts because they’ll been HANDLED. Most everything is fresh because I’m one who believes in tossing the old for the new in many instances. I had over ten thousand posts to axe…yeah, I know it’s alot, but so what. Get ready for ten thousand more, but let’s hope I don’t get burned out in the process because of my workaholism!!  I will repost most of my interview and will still be releasing more hot books all year, and by the grace of God, for the years to come.


No need to continue the ramble…it’s time to start checking INN THE BASEMENT with Mirika C once again! For the books, click the banner below and hit up my site for the links to get on Kindle, Nook, in paperback, iTunes etc.

Loves, Loves,




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